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All Members meet together as the Authority. These meetings are open to the public unless exempt or confidential information is being discussed. Here Members decide the Authority’s overall policies and set the budget each year. The Authority appoints committees to undertake functions on behalf of the Authority and provides the means by which those committees can subsequently be held to account for the decisions they make.
24 June 1998 - onwards
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Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
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18 June 201310:3012:30Conference SuitesOccurred
03 October 201310:3012:30Conference SuitesOccurred
11 December 201310:3012:30Conference SuitesOccurred
19 February 201410:3012:30Conference SuitesOccurred
09 June 201410:3012:30Conference SuitesOccurred
01 October 201410:3011:56Shire HallOccurred
10 December 201410:3012:20Conference SuitesOccurred
18 February 201510:3012:40Conference SuitesOccurred
17 June 201510:3012:30Conference SuitesOccurred
08 October 201510:3012:10Shire HallOccurred


PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Herefordshire Alliance
Councillor Mr Louis Stark Member 12/06/2019 - current 100%
Councillor Mr Kit Taylor Member 17/09/2014 - current 86%
Herefordshire Alliance
Councillor Mrs Diana Toynbee Member 11/07/2019 - current 70%
Unity (Labour and Liberal Democrat)
Councillor Mr Richard Udall Member 17/09/2014 - current 76%
GAIA (Green and Independent Alliance)
Councillor Mr Tom Wells Member 28/05/2021 - current 100%
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